About Us

At MR Auto Finance, we are here to serve you, our customer. We make it our business to make sure you are satisfied! The Owner, Roben Roghanian, thought to himself one day, "If you have bad credit, then you can't really buy a car." He then decided to help the people who had little to no credit and opened up a used car business. By doing this he has the ability to help anyone who needs a vehicle and dosen't have to worry about rejection.

He wanted to make it affordable and easier in order to help those individuals who have no transportation for work, school, pick up the kids, ect. By having in house financing we are able to help people with low monthly payments that are affordable. That’s not all! If you also have any future problems with any cars or even regular maintenance we have a on site mechanic who is able to fix your issues at a affordable price. We truly care about our customers and offer them the best of services. We have access to dealer discounts at several auto part locations and are able to help our customers fix up their vehicles at low cost. After all everyone should have the opportunity to take care of their vehicle without having to spend an arm and a leg. Here at MR Auto Finance we are here to help individuals who need mobility at affordable prices.