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Treweek Mini Storage, Inc is proud to offer a variety of products and services, including U-Haul Rentals and a Full Moving Supply Store.  

Our other company Treweek Family Partnership offers Mini Storage Space, Commercial Office & Shop Space, Residential Houses & 2 Bedroom Duplex Rentals.

Come visit us at 3220 Hwy 93 South.


Gary Treweek a Montana Native first started out with a small House Moving and Construction business.  As time went on it grew.  He decided in 1978 to build a few Mini Stroage Buildings as there was only one other in the Flathead Valley at that time. As the community grows so does our Mini Storage Business we started with only 10 in 1978 and today we are just over 300 units. Our last expansion was finish in 2009 which added additional 46 units.  Soon  after, he hired his brother Don Treweek to help with managing a few house and commercial rentals.  You will still find Don around the shop working on different projects or at one of our many rentals.   As time moved along things changed and Gary decided to close his House Moving and Construction business and retire.  He comes in every now and again to say hi and catch up on all the latest U-Haul and Mini Storage news.  In 2003 Jennifer Jones joined the crew and has been the Office Manager since,  in 2009 she started helping Don with the Residential Rental.  The newest member is Dave Dortch and he can work wonders with our customers helping them get into the right truck for the right price.  He also handles the Mini Storage Business as well as our retail box store.